Brazilian Blowout

brazilianA cutting edge treatment for all hair types.

Want to lose your frizz?

Want to be able to enjoy a vacation in humid climates?

Want to blow dry your hair in 1/2 the time?

Want to lose your flat iron for good?

Want to turn your curl into straighter locks?

Does your hair “never get any longer”?

Do the sides of your hair always seem shorter than the back?

Does your color fade between visits?

Does your hair lack intense shine?


Unlike traditional keratin treatments this service can be customized to each clients desired end result. The unique difference about Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment is that it is an amino acid product so it takes place inside the hair shaft while also applying a small layer of keratin on the outside cuticle layer. This allows for natural movement smoothness and shine without a build up on the surface of the hair. This service lasts up to 12 weeks.

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