FAQ about Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment

Find the answer to your question about Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatments below!

  • *Is Brazilian Blowout a straightening service?
    No, Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing service. It will straighten and soften your natural curl. Your end result will depend on your natural texture to begin with. Wavy hair becomes straight while corkscrew curls become loose waves. However all forms of frizz and most damaged hair will be corrected with this smoothing treatment.
  • *Does Brazilian Blowout build up on my hair?
    No, Brazilian Blowout is mostly made up of Amino Acids which have a small molecular structure so they are making changes inside the hair shaft while only leaving a thin keratin layer on the outside cuticle of your hair.
  • *How often to I have to get retouches?
    Brazilian Blowout does not need retouched. The product gradually wears off of the hair evenly so you never have “roots”. You can be the judge as to how often you get the service done. Manufacture states that the service lasts “up to 12 weeks”. Some of my clients claim it lasts slightly shorter and some claim it lasts 4-5 months.
  • *Will the service damage my hair?
    If the service is done correctly your hair should feel softer, shinier, and stronger than it did before the service. Over time your hair should gain length because it is protected during heat styling and the previously damaged hair is stronger so there is less breakage.
  • *Can I do Brazilian Blowout with color on my hair?
    YES! It is best to do Brazilian Blowout directly after you get your hair colored because it seals in the color and adds shine. If you can’t get your Brazilian Blowout after you hair color then you need to wait 14 days before getting your color. Your hair color will not penetrate the keratin layer within the first 14 days of the Brazilian Service.